COVID-19: What happens next?

The “lockdown” has now been extended by 2 weeks, unemployment is already skyhigh, families and breadwinners are already tight-lipped due to no income. Someone asks the following question and so is my concern: No food, no money, no work – how can we stay indoors? The person says he can do nothing but stand on the street and make a plan for his family to eat.

People flock to clinics without any face masks or gloves. In my own neighborhood I see people neglecting the measures every day. Could it be that they do it intentionally? Are they perhaps testing the law? Or are they just looking for something to eat, a job that someone might offer him / her so he / she can take home something to eat. People are getting discouraged, stressed by this whole thing happening. You hear about help, you hear about food parcels but it doesn’t come to you. They are so desperate that they even rush to the kids to go play just so the little food that is there can last longer.

It’s hard as it is, you have to stay indoors but there is no food to eat. I feel it with the man on the street. Maybe I’m better off at the moment than he is. I still have something to eat today, but what about tomorrow? When it’s all over, lockdown period is over, WHAT THEN? Is everything going to return to normal, like before or what? As far as I’m concerned, I see a very difficult time ahead. Not just for South Africa, but for the whole world where COVID-19 made its mark.

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