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Here at Pacaltsdorp Community Voice, we rarely grab the headlines. We just feed hungry children and help families who are in need. You may have seen our vehicle, not at disaster sites, but parked outside an elderly person's home, bringing help to someone who still has part of the month left when they come to the end of their monthly Social Grant. We do small things that make all the difference.

Helping families like Elizabeth Maneville whose home is falling apart due to poor workmanship. this woman lives and sleeps alone in this "house" without doors and windows. The worst is she does not even have a bathroom and has to go to the forest whenever the need is there. It's inhuman to say the least. The Pacaltsdorp Community Voice would like to renovate this home and make it livable for this family again.

Now we invite you to partnering with us in making that difference. Can you find it in your heart to help someone who is having a hard time right here at home in Pacaltsdorp? Your gift of $5, $10, or whatever you can give, will help to smooth a struggling person's pathway.

When we give of ourselves, we can't help but be glad inside for the good we have helped to accomplish.

Your GIFT can mak a huge difference in this woman's life and in the lives of other people in the same situation.

Your GIFT could help take away the worry of a single mother putting dinner on the table for her children while she works to pay the bills and sustain her family through a tough time.

Your GIFT could help a pregnant woman or new mother receive the nutrients she needs for the healthy development of her child.

Ways you can give:

  1. Make a one-time GIFT.
  2. Invest monthly and partnering with Pacaltsdorp Community Voice mission to combat poverty and inequality, and to improve people’s lives.

Thank you for your kind support. Your gift, together with the gifts of others, will help us keep Pacaltsdorp a city that takes care of its own.
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